Auto Insurance in Virginia

Everyone who drives a vehicle should carry an auto insurance policy. Drivers can opt to pay an uninsured motorist fee and legally drive in some states without insurance. Your state’s Bureau of Insurance, however, notes that this fee does not constitute insurance and leaves your assets vulnerable if a valid auto claim is filed against you. The only way to financially protect yourself is with auto insurance. At Diverse Insurance Solutions, our insurance agents can help you find an affordable policy that protects you from many of the hazards on the road.

Auto Insurance Protects Your Assets

Auto insurance is designed to protect you financially if you’re found responsible for a car accident. The specific coverage your policy affords will be determined by its terms and conditions, and every policy includes deductibles, limits and exclusions. Without auto insurance, though, your assets, including your home, car, other valuables and even wages, could be used to pay for the damage caused.

Coverages Vary from Policy to Policy

Every policy has slightly different coverages, so it’s important to find one that provides the protections you need. When you talk with one of our insurance agents, they’ll go over several different options with you and explain each policy’s coverages. If you’re unfamiliar with terms like “comprehensive coverage,” “collision coverage” or “bodily injury liability,” our experts will explain them, so you understand precisely what protections each policy includes.

Let Diverse Insurance Solutions find you the best policy

Give our agency a call if you need auto insurance or just simply review the one you have. We compare many different types of auto policies; so we can find you the best policy that fits your needs and keeps you protected.