Umbrella Insurance

Even if you have auto and homeowners insurance, you may need an additional umbrella insurance plan. Our insurance agents can compare quotes from multiple providers to find a rate that fits your budget. Diverse Insurance Solutions will answer all of your questions about this type of policy.

Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage in the event you are sued because of a serious accident. Most auto insurance plans have a set limit for liability damages per accident and per person involved. If you carpool with kids or coworkers, you might need extra coverage. A serious accident could award damages above your limits and you might be responsible for the extra expense out of pocket. Our insurance agents can help you determine if you need umbrella insurance coverage and how much you should purchase.

Homeowners also need to consider umbrella insurance. If you like to entertain or you have a pool or other activities that could cause an accidental injury, think about comparing quotes for umbrella insurance. It only takes one serious accident to potentially cause a financial burden for you and your family. If your homeowners’ plan does not cover all of the damages, you may have to dip into your retirement savings or your college fund to pay the out of pocket costs.

Our insurance agents can offer advice and help you compare quotes and rates. Diverse Insurance Solutions works with multiple providers to offer different types of policies to meet the needs of families. Our agents are available to explain the pros and cons of umbrella insurance and help you find the perfect policy for your situation. Give us a call today.

Umbrella Insurance Quotes